ThinkHER ambition is a social enterprise that specialises in upskilling young females aged between 14-21 to create the next generation of female leaders.

The Problem

From the age of 16, key decisions at school can influence A-Level, university, and career choices. Some might know which career was meant for them the moment they visited mum’s office, but what if you don't have that opportunity or you’re just not sure what path to take?


According to research released by the charity Schooling and Employers, only 47% of young people aged 14 to 18 believe they have received adequate career guidance as part of their education. To make matters worse, another study, conducted by the Higher Education Policy Institute (2015) also revealed that over 500,000 students believe they may have chosen the wrong course to study at university. 

Having launched in 2018, thinkHER ambition exists for young women aged 14- 21 to develop their skills and empower them to become next-generation leaders. The ultimate goal is to close all educational gaps and guarantee her a brighter future. Having run many successful events in partnership with schools and companies, the next step for the enterprise was to launch an app.

Project Brief

The aim of the project was to define and create user personas and to gain feedback on the app prototype. 


User Experience Researcher


April - May 2021

This was a project that I worked on out outside of work hours, where I spent many evenings and weekends working closely with the founder to plan and conduct user research.


Miro, Slack

Research Methods

Qualitative: Qualtrics survey, focus groups & card sorting 



Defining user Personas

thinkHER ambition Persona 4.png
thinkHER ambition Persona 3.png
thinkHER ambition Persona 2.png
thinkHER ambition Persona 1 .png

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