University of East London


Project Overview


The University of East London (UEL) is a careers-led, modern university that has been preparing its students for the jobs of the future for over 125 years. Courses are constantly updated to ensure students are prepared for evolving industries and job markets. 

This was a project that I worked on during my time at the University of East London. I started my contract at the university as a Marketing Officer for the school of business and law and within 2 months in the post, I spotted an opportunity. 


EU Marketing Officer, UX Designer User Researcher


Figma, Sitecore CMS, Miro


3 months

  • Designed, planned and conducted user research sessions with current European students. Understanding pain points, and creating user personas

  • I trained myself on the CMS (Sitecore) in my own spare time, designed wireframes and built the European webpage. 

The problem

Having studied abroad during my time at University, I understood the irritation of not being able to find key information on university websites. At the time of joining UEL, there were International pages dedicated to each key region, but no landing page dedicated to European students.

User personas

pain points

Results & key takeaways